The decision came months after the BC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals issued a statement against keeping, breeding and importing wolf-dog hybrids. Whether or not you can own a wolf as a pet in Canada depends on the province you are in. Some allow you to do so. Some require a permit, others prohibit it altogether. In some provinces where owning a wolf is illegal, you can still own a hybrid greyhound. However, if you plan to keep a wolf or hybrid as a pet, make sure you are aware of provincial and municipal laws. Most importantly, you are willing to take on the responsibility and risk of keeping a wild animal as a pet. SPCA officials recommend that people who own a dog-wolf hybrid take the following steps: As a non-profit organization dedicated to greyhound care and driving education, we rely on our generous community to support us. There are a variety of ways to support us, please explore one that might be right for you. Because eastern coyotes and shy wolves look alike, Toronto is full of wolf-like hybrids. But the tradition of a fearsome creature takes away the mysticism and grandeur of the animals that live within it, Sampson says.

That unpredictability persists even when a wolf hybrid has had a favorable history with humans, he said. B.C. SPCA officials say that if they come into contact with a dog-wolf hybrid, their policy is to euthanize the animal. In the last four or five years, there have been five such cases, according to the organization. „People often think that coyotes are cunning and malicious. And they often think wolves are aggressive hunters who are bigger and stronger,” said Sara Bowman, an environmental educator in Toronto. „And so, when they say `Coy-Wolf,` they`re bringing up the idea of a mega-killer on our streets.” We get constant reports of people saying they saw a coyote, but it was so big it must have been a shy wolf. Or he behaved a certain way, so he must have been a shy wolf,” said Lesley Sampson, Executive Director of Coyote Watch Canada.

„But the reality is that they only see eastern coyotes.” Wolves are beautiful animals that many love because of their beauty and the popular TV shows that have made them glamorous. However, many people want to keep them as pets and wonder if it is allowed. So, can you have a wolf as a pet in Canada? Some of Yukon`s folklore may soon be banned by law as the government proposes to ban the crossing of wolves and dogs, known as wolf hybrids. Critics of greyhound farming hope a recent court ruling in British Columbia will make people think twice before keeping animals as pets. Jonathan Way, a Massachusetts biologist who has studied eastern coyotes for decades, agrees that media reports and citizen sightings of a huge dark predator are fiction. But he says recent tests have shown that in some areas, up to 35 percent of the eastern coyote`s DNA is wolf. Many also have a small percentage of dog DNA. He said wolves are not inherently aggressive towards humans, and that when a dog-wolf hybrid shows aggression, it shows the dog`s traits. Horton is one of the most unique Wolfhounds here at the Sanctuary as he is primarily an Irish Wolfhound. It comes from the hoarding seizure of the Milk River and is very suspicious of people. Simba, a dog-wolf hybrid owned by breeder Keyhan Modaressi of Kelowna, British Columbia. (Keyhan Modaressi, especially for Hybrids are not domestic dogs, and you should know that owning a dog requires careful commitment, which is very different from that of a domestic dog.

Anyone who has seen a documentary about wolves knows they are on their way. A lot. The obligation to practice a hybrid is a serious time commitment. Myths There are several myths surrounding hybrids. First of all, some people say they make good watchdogs. This is not true, as wolves are usually shy towards humans. Aggressive tendencies are usually anxiety-induced and difficult to control. [i] Some might tell you that they live longer than dogs because of wolf genes.

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