Narrow pads offer a distance of 1/4 inch between lines and legal or wide control pads offer a distance of 11/32 inches. Double lines mark the left margin. The classic Canary Yellow Paper Legal Block is the perfect place to capture important notes and details. The legal block linked above has regulated paper. Canary yellow color. 15 pounds of paper for durability. The plates are perforated for easy removal. 50 sheets per block. Sheet size 8-1/2″ x 11″. One package contains 3 legal stamps. The strong cardboard spine of the writing block provides structure and a sturdy writing surface for taking notes on the go. To remove a sheet of paper from the block, simply slide it along the top perforated edge to ensure clean cracks without messy tearing. Notepads offer 50 standard 16-book sheets of paper in different colors, letter or note size notepads and narrow or legal/wide rulers.

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