Overview of the issue: Conflict is an inevitable part of the legal profession. The best lawyers are able to resolve conflicts in a professional manner. This question aims to learn how the candidate will handle conflicts in the workplace. My experience in customer service has given me the interpersonal skills to work closely with customers. It also gave me the work ethic I needed to manage challenging work. In my previous position, one of the firm`s partners repeatedly accused me of obstructing his work. He forgot who he had given the papers to and then blamed me for not completing the tasks. To counter this, I made sure that every assignment assigned to me was noted on my calendar with due dates. It helped me think about the tasks I was assigned. Eventually, he realized that he had forgotten to assign work. He made the necessary corrections and from that moment on, the work proceeded without incident.

Sample answer: I am interested in working for the ACLU because it advocates for social justice and civil rights. I believe that privacy and discretion is one of the essential responsibilities of any legal transaction. Therefore, I maintain strict confidentiality on all information relating to a matter in which I am involved. A breach of confidentiality not only makes it difficult to win a case but can also cause you to lose the trust of your clients and colleagues. Question Summary: This question is whether the nominee has a personal interest in the work of the ACLU. If they are not interested in the work, they may not be suitable for the organization. Yes, I am aware of the difference I can make in the lives of my clients. They rely on me to pay attention to detail and rely on me to have an effective communication style to make things go as smoothly as possible. Therefore, I am very grateful to be in a situation where I can constructively influence the lives of others. It doesn`t matter who you are or what job you`re applying for. Interviews are scary.

They can resemble interrogations, where a slippage can cost a potential job. Example: „I prefer to work independently because I like to be able to focus on one task at a time. However, I find that I am more productive when I work in a team. When I worked for my former employer, I was responsible for organizing all the documents in our files. My supervisor would then review them and decide which ones to refer to the lawyers. That system worked well because we were both able to do what we did best. Example: „I have excellent communication skills, which is why I`m so passionate about becoming a legal assistant. During my career as a receptionist, I have learned how to communicate with many different people in different situations. It helped me develop strong listening skills and the ability to understand what others are saying. These skills make me an excellent candidate for this position, as they will help me work well with lawyers and clients. While I don`t have much experience with other types of legal work, I am interested in pursuing a career in criminal law and working with criminal defense teams. I believe that such work would be very satisfactory and I would appreciate the responsibility involved in drawing up a criminal defence plan.

In addition, I expect to learn a lot and expand my experience working for your company, which will be beneficial for my professional development. The specific tasks of a legal assistant depend a lot on several factors. These include the law firm or lawyer they assist, the area of legal specialization in which they operate, and the number of other support roles within the firm. However, paralegals often have many day-to-day tasks and ongoing responsibilities, including preparing legal documents, conducting extensive research based on the instructions and advice of in-house counsel, communicating with clients and updating on the progress of the case, and compiling or preparing documents. information and data as required. You will also be required to schedule and organize meetings, prepare for court proceedings, review documents and identifications, provide assistance during the process, gather evidence, keep records and archive, and perform other duties deemed appropriate by your supervising lawyer or manager. Early in my career, I neglected to lock my computer before leaving my workplace. Although I was only away for a short time, someone was able to access and take important information that cost us a client. Therefore, I understand the need for data security and have gotten into the habit of securing my computer when I`m not at my workplace.

Since this incident, I have been extremely careful with my computer passwords. I usually choose long and complex passwords that are difficult to guess and prevent unauthorized access to my computer. At the end of your interview with the legal assistant, chances are you can ask your own questions. You need to ask questions that show that you care about their organization and how you can help them achieve their business goals.

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