Low-speed vehicles may only operate on roads where the specified speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less. Also check with your county or municipality, as they may have additional rules for LSVs. Custom Carts` sales representatives can easily help you with this information, as they are all long-time Floridians with expertise in the field. LSVs are a growing market segment. All LSVs we sell meet federal standards that define LSV. It`s not just golf cars that have extra features. They come from their manufacturer with a 17-digit chassis number # and a title, just like an automobile. LSVs have the same requirements as cars in terms of insurance, labels, titles and taxes. Alibaba.com is a platform where you can find the most powerful and innovative products at fascinating prices. Here you will find a wide selection of first-class and international golf carts at impressive prices. It is the best platform for every individual to find the best innovative products at low cost.

These street approved golf carts are designed so that every person can drive them comfortably and hassle-free. Dao We are Evolution`s electric vehicle dealers. Most of these golf carts are „roadworthy” and can be purchased with a legal street pass. We can easily turn any golf cart you buy into a legal golf cart for the street! We stock up on conventional and modern golf carts approved for the street. You can buy diesel golf carts, electric golf carts as well as gasoline golf carts on our platform. With different proportions of power and acceleration, everyone corresponds to a different buyer. With different driving modes, they offer a smooth ride. Available in several colors, you can choose the aesthetics of your golf carts approved for the street. Golf Cart Outlet is the original manufacturer of the first golf cart homologated for the road, the street car™ This low-speed vehicle (LSV) meets all the requirements of the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles to be road legal on all 35 mph roads. The Street Car is designed and manufactured from Club Car™ with an aluminum golf cart frame.

This provides a lifetime vehicle and many years of happy driving. Golf Cart Outlet also offers a wide range of special vehicles, including hunting carts, 6-passenger golf carts, pallet trucks and commercial vehicles, Golf Cart Outlet has a wide range of parts and accessories in stock. We are an official authorized Club Car and Star Car dealer. Check out our three convenient locations: Sunset Beach, Wilmington and Southport. Are you looking for a Streel legal golf cart? Do you already own a golf cart that you want to legalize on the road? Custom Carts is the one-stop shop to help you find the golf cart of your dreams. We have many legal street golf carts in stock. We can also turn any golf cart you own or buy into a legal golf cart for the street. Cheap 4-seater electric golf cart for sale (LT-S4. HAF) Product Description Electric Vehicle 1. Engine: US ADC Brand 2.Controller: US CurTis1266 3. Windshield and rear dram braking Hydraulic brake on all four wheels + handbrake Front axle and suspension Independent coil spring + cylinder Hydraulic shock absorption Rear axle and suspension Integrated transaxle, 12.31:1 gear ratio, semi-independent transaxle spring, hydraulic cylinder shock absorption Custom carts can easily install any of these on your existing golf cart to make it a LSV or any golf cart you need with us in a LSV.

As an authorized car dealer in Florida, Custom Carts handles the road legal process from start to finish when you purchase a golf cart from us. We take care of the necessary paperwork for you and provide a VIN, title and label/registration at the end of your purchase. We are the ONLY golf cart dealer in Manatee County and Sarasota that can handle the title and registration process for you when you purchase a golf cart. This applies to EVERY golf cart you buy from us, whether it`s a new, used, useful or converted golf cart. This means you don`t need to have your golf cart inspected or fill out any paperwork yourself! We can also convert any golf cart into a street approved Golf by adding the necessary accessories! Looking for a dynamic and versatile golf cart for the street? Look no further as Alibaba.com is the largest wholesale market, stocking up on a variety of amazing street-legal electric cars from some popular vendors you can choose from. This includes not only the conventional Golf Carter, but also the electric Golf Carer, diesel Golf Carels and Golf Golft accessories. Available in a range of models, models and sizes, you`re sure to find one that fits your budget. Local and state laws change rapidly, and in many cases where golf cars were previously allowed on public roads, they are not, and this is where LSVs come into play; in addition to a higher level of performance and security. Please check with your local DMV office for more information.

Yes, we can install all the options on a golf car that has an LSV, but that doesn`t make them federal standards without the legal 17-digit VIN#. LSVs are limited to 25 mph and also require government safety inspections in states that require automotive inspections. Please contact one of our sales representatives for more information. In Florida, a low-speed vehicle (LSV) is a vehicle with a top speed of more than 20 mph, but not more than 25 MPH. LSVs must be registered, titled and insured with Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage Liability Insurance (PDL). Anyone who uses LSV must have a valid driver`s license. LSVs can only be used on roads where the specified speed limit is 35 mph or less. 72 Volt Lithium Battery Powered Street Legal 4 Wheels 6 Seater Electric Off-Road Beach Golf Buggy Cart for sale Golf Carts Custom 4 6 8 10 seats Lithium Batteries Foldable Golf Carts Electric Golf Cart 36 Volt 4×4 Golf Buggy Price Golf Cart Street Legal 72 Volt Golf Cart Golf Cart Street Legal 4 seater Golf Cart Golf Cart Hot Sales Good Price Golf Car 4 seater Electric Golf Car 4 seats Golf carts Electric with 4 rollers Best High Performance STG-2 Shemu Street Road Legal 4X4 Limo Ion Electric EV Golf Cart Supply For Sale Electric Golf Cart Cheap 4 Seats 3 – 4 for sale LT-S4. HAF 48V This Chinese Golf Cart 2 4 6 Seater Electric Golf Cart Mini Golf Carts for sale Price Prezzi Under 500 Club Cheap Golf Buggy Price Golf Chariot Golf Luxury 3500W AC Motor Golf Cart 6 seater Electric Golf Cart for sale Street Legal Golf Cart Street Legal Family Used 4 Passengers Good Price 72V Lithium Electric Battery Gold Golf Cart Club Car of China.

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