only shows definitions of slang/Internet slang (show all 35 definitions) It seemed; It really seemed that the flood of blue, gray and scarlet spots flooded the enemy`s fortresses. The Spanish warriors, who were always painted white, had their color changed to dark gray like American ships. The acts Grey performs on Steele are all popular with BDSM fans. Logged in users can add themselves to the map. Log in, sign up, instantly connect with Facebook. Artists Under Hitler managed to add some gray to the usually black-and-white conversation about Nazis and art. Good man: HOW DARE YOU!!! YOU`RE JUST JEALOUS! OWLS ARE AWESOME!!!! A common acronym for Old White Lady. The owl is a single female nocturnal predator between the ages of 37 and 50 who hangs out in clubs and bars that do not match her age, trying to rush to collect young prey (males aged 18-30 years). Owls consider themselves followers of modern trends and music and roam the city in their Volvo limousines, often in jeans with suit tops and high scars (essentially their professional workwear – under-jeans for pants). These women seek youth through young and often underemployed men. Your vote: None (To vote, click on the pepper.

Vote on the vulgar word of the word, not on its wickedness.) The rare York-Pennsylvanian party owl can be found in its workspace, online or at occasional gatherings. It can also be found in barns that carefully sink their heads inside and out. The typical diet of a York-Pennsylvania party owl consists of hot girls, pot and beer. This video corrects this injustice and shows an owl making a butterfly in Lake Michigan. Each of the different often nocturnal birds of prey of the order Strigiformes, with hook-shaped and feathered claws, large heads with a short, hooked beak, large eyes forward and fluffy plumage that allows for an almost silent flight. Some wikis use a different format for links, so be sure to check the documentation. „Owl puts his head in the barn looking for pots and ladies.” The OWL is the average/senior professional woman who loves John Mayer gigs but will also attend rap concerts (if loot is available). To link to this term on a webpage or blog, add the following. See owls, owls, perfect, graceful, beautiful, powerful The best thing ever placed on the face of the earth.

Graceful, beautiful, powerful, perfect in every way. The only people who don`t like owls are toucans, fish, and strange old men who want to put baby owls in car silencers. But that`s only because they`re jealous of the owls` apparent superiority. A bird of prey that hunts small animals at night due to its nocturnal behavior. The main calls are Hoot, O RLY, YA RLY and NO WAI. If he is discovered, the best way to announce his presence is „LOLS TO OWL”. We sat in rows of grey steel chairs facing a model of the Abbottabad site. A relatively large bird that goes „hoo” a lot and can turn its head 180 degrees. They live in the forest, eat mice and are also able to make really crazy noises at night.

Nglish: Translation of Night Owl for Spanish speakers The old owl was no longer howling, and the water oaks had stopped moaning as they bowed their heads. The handkerchief sparkled on the counter, whiter than anything in that gray twilight. These sample phrases are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word „night owl”. The views expressed in the examples do not represent the views of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. Average 14 votes: 30% (See the most vulgar words.) „Night Owl.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, (accessed November 25, 2022).

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