6. Am I eligible for free legal aid if I don`t earn enough money to pay for my case? Users can download this application form to take advantage of free legal services in the state of Kerala. Free legal services are provided by the Kerala State Legal Services Authority to people who cannot afford the cost of litigation in the state. The claimant must complete this form to apply for benefits. 7. What is included in free legal services or assistance provided by legal aid authorities? / What is the nature of free legal services? The services and goods available for free can give you a demonstration of the original product and services, but you cannot expect a lawyer to attend your court hearings for free. Now, you don`t have to wait hours in a bar association to meet with them physically to discuss your legal issues, and you can consult an online lawyer or legal advisor to discuss your legal issues right away. 21. Can I appeal if I am denied free legal services? Users can obtain information about the Supreme Court`s Middle Income Group Legal Aid Society. Details of the legal aid scheme for middle-income groups are provided. Information on the governing body, senior counsel and expenses, etc. is provided. You can get legal advice online to save time.

If you frequently visit a bar to discuss your cases, you can ruin your days and you won`t be able to focus on your work. You have to pay the fees to your lawyer, and if you can`t run your business smoothly or get to your office on time, you can`t afford to pay their fees on time. To avoid such problems, you can simply conduct an online consultation via a legal advice portal and save time by discussing your case with a lawyer virtually. There are also legal portals where you can find business lawyers and tax specialists. You can manage all of your business needs related to tax return, GST return, and corporation registration. Even if you encounter legal issues in your business, you can simply contact your legal advisor through the same portal and your issues will be resolved within minutes. There are thousands of laws in India that touch on different aspects. Many are not aware of some important laws that they should be aware of. To address this situation, many organizations have sprung up in India that carry out legal assistance and legal awareness activities. Different organizations are working on various legal assistance and legal awareness issues.

There must be a common platform that integrates all these initiatives. ProBono India was created to solve this problem for the benefit of the general public. 14. When can I apply for legal aid? 15. Can I choose a lawyer of my choice for free legal advice or help? 30. When can the competent authorities for legal services contact a person applying for free legal aid to obtain assistance/application? Users can find information about the Jharkhand State Legal Services Authority and its activities. Detailed information on the Legal Services Authority, its members, functions and objectives is provided. You can also find information about Lok Adalat State, legal literacy camps, legal programs, workshops, etc. The latest legal updates and videos are also available.

The Haryana State Legal Services Authority was established to provide legal services to the people in addition to the execution of Lok Adalats and to implement NALSA policies and instructions. Information is provided on legal aid clinics, legal competence, legal aid programs, volunteer paralegals, legal agencies and services, etc. The Arunachal Pradesh State Commission for Women was established to protect the interests of women and ensure their advancement and development in the state. Users can use online services such as complaint submission, hotline numbers, and FAQs. Information on the powers, functions and activities of the Commission shall be provided. Details on statistics of complaints, crime. 11. Do I have to pay a fee to purchase and submit a legal aid application form? Users can find information about the Gujarat State Legal Services Authority. Detailed information on Lok Adalats, legal aid projects, mediation centre, district authorities, lawyers, etc. is provided.

There are many legal portals in India where you can find free legal services and you can first consult a lawyer without paying any consultation fees. However, before choosing a legal advice portal, here`s what you need to keep in mind: You can`t afford to delay your business if you`ve been charged with a serious matter. For example, according to the articles of the penal laws in India, you can expect a prison or police custody. In this case, you must appoint a lawyer as soon as possible, and you can hire a lawyer online through the Indian Legal Advice Portal. It is recommended that you do not make a confession or statement to the police during your arrest and always make your statement while in police custody on the basis of the suggestion of a lawyer or competent lawyer. 20. How long does it take, on average, for an application to be processed and for a person to be assigned a free legal aid lawyer? Users can obtain information about legal aid and free legal services from the District Courts of Haryana. Information on eligibility for free legal services and how legal services are free, etc. are provided. Related links are also provided to users. 1. This system provides legal services to middle-income citizens, i.e.

citizens whose gross income does not exceed Rs 60,000 per hour or Rs 7,50,000. Detailed information can be obtained from the Legal Department. Information is provided on organizational structure, division of work, membership, legal profession, arbitration, advisory services, litigation and legal aid, etc. Details on subsidies, workers and subordinate legislation are available. Users can also find detailed information about notaries. 8. Who do I contact for free legal advice or assistance? The ProBono India team works to promote legal activism because we believe that law and society are two sides of the same coin. Law and society are so inextricably linked that both must be improved equally in order to lead the world to the desired new order.

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